Anxiety in Children & Adolescents

There are thousands of American children and teens/adolescents who suffer from anxiety and other panic related mental illnesses. This article aims to shed some light on this frightening statistic.

Child anxiety if left untreated can cause various types of anxiety disorders in the child. The anxiety disorders caused by child anxiety can range from a simple adjustment disorder to more difficult and debilitating disorders such as panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Child anxiety may be accompanied by depression, sadness, withdrawal, or the unrealistic fear that a family member might die. Child anxiety is very common indeed, but also very successfully treated. About 1 – 2% of children suffer from child anxiety before they reach adolescence.

Careful monitoring of suicide risk is recommended. Children with anxiety disorders are at greater risk of alcohol abuse in adolescence. Comorbid alcohol abuse/dependence in adolescents should be assessed and considered in treatment planning with anxiety disorders.

Teen anxiety usually refers to stress, worry, nervousness or concern over things. You’ll likely experience some level of anxiety at different parts in your teen life. Teenagers may often be moody. They tend to be worried about how they look, what other people think of them, how they get on with people in general, but especially about how they get on with the opposite sex.

I hope this article has been successful in enlightening the reader in the alarming trend of anxiety in children and adolescents. If, from the information you learned in this article, you feel that your son or daughter is suffering from some sort of anxiety related mental illness, I implore you to seek treatment immediately.

An excellent, long-term treatment method for anxiety in children and adolescents is the ‘Pa

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